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30+ influencers sharing their TOP secrets to productivity & practical tips and tricks,
that can easily be implemented, so you can:
Schedule your day to "work smarter - not harder"
Maintain focus in our era of constant distraction
Overcome the "perfectionism" that often stands in your way of completing important tasks
Break free from stress and overwhelm that often creeps up with managing "all the things"
Create alignment and clarity on what matters most to YOU, how to best use your time, and how to delegate
Feel empowered to say no to what doesn't align with your priorities
Improve time management when balancing several different roles and/or projects at the same time while ensuring the needle is always moving forward
Schedule time for self-care to recharge batteries and avoid burnout

This is an event you do not want to miss out on!

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The 3 M's of a High Performance Leader


Being deeply connected to who you are as a person can give you your why and your purpose. Your mindset generates a ripple effect and impacts those around you. Being intentional with your goals will allow you to thrive in life to provide you with a light that fuels you. With the right tools at your disposal for consistency, repetition, and lifelong learning, you are able to live your best self while attracting like-minded valued people and opportunities.


A big key to living your best self is through sustained energy and avoiding burnout. By making healthy choices that aligns with your values, you will experience fulfillment while achieving results. Taking care of the body by choosing food that fuels you, hydrating frequently and getting a good night rest will allow you to live in your purpose and achieve your goals.


Through strategic planning, goal setting and daily structures, you are able to manifest your goals by being inspired and frequently reminding yourself of the possibility. Finding daily strategies to keep you accountable with structure and habits will be the catalyst in driving you to your best self.

Alex Lianne Carter, Productivity Coach & Business Mentor

Meet Alex Lianne Carter

Alex Lianne is a Master Certified NeuroCoach™, Productivity Coach and Business Mentor. She works with ambitious women to help them fulfill their true passion, purpose, and potential, to truly live life to the fullest, while not ending up over-stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, and burnt out, trying to do it all.

After experiencing her own nervous breakdown in the midst of anxiety, overwhelm, and depression, she understands what it’s like to be in the trenches of both mental and physical health. Through her own personal journey, and professional development as a Master Certified NeuroCoach™, she has experienced first hand the steps it takes to go from being completely burnt out to transforming into the best version of herself and living a happy fulfilling life.

From Director to Digital CEO, she is passionate about coaching and mentoring high-achievers, helping them manage their time, focus, and energy, to achieve peak performance, both personally and professionally while avoiding the path to burnout.